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Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal interest. Love can also be interpreted as a feeling in a person due to its constituent factors. In the context of the philosophy of love is a good trait that inherits all kindness, feelings of compassion and compassion.

On this issue expressing love is hard, There are doubts and feelings of shame because we are not used to it. Doubt and shame arose because they considered expressions of love as strange, cheesy and excessive. Therefore Cupit-bit Love brought this project with a digital interest in the expression of love by using blockchain technology.

What is Cupit Love ?

Cupid-bit Love is an innovative application using blockchain technology that functions to send CBIT to express love to other parties. Expressing love is not only for family or girlfriends but with Cupid-bit Love you can use Love on the chain service to express love to colleagues, friends, and other CBIT users.

With a Cupit-bit love we can break through the limitations of time and space in expressing love by using the blockchain symbol of love can make a permanent proof. under other technologies Cupit-bit Love (CBIT) uses an easier consensus for men and women to express love and carry on love.

How it Works ?

Cubit-bit love using Ethereum Platform to proccess CBIT . Ethereum is a public open source distributed computing platform based on blockchain implementation, which provides decentralized virtual tour planning to support smart contract operations. Ethereum is currently the most mature platform to support smart contracts, active communities and foundations working well. So building a CBIT based on Ethereum allows CIBT to focus on business development and ecological promotion, avoiding too much

Feature of Cubit-bit Love

The Cupid (CBIT) digital rights and interests promote love expression trustworthy and value-added, enabling love become a kind of wealth. The blockchain can not be tampered with is longer than diamond that symbolizing love eternity. Bitcoin is used as digital gold in financial scene, and Cupid (CBIT) can be used as digital diamond. Bitcoin, which can be used as a love coin, will support the love economy circulation in its love scene, and constant amount of Cupid (CBIT) will be more collection value than diamonds.and here feature of Cubit-bit Love (CBIT)

  • Love onchain service
    In this feature you can express your love to anyone
  • Love Delivery Service
    In this feature you can give or send CBIT or love to send
  • Love Mining Machine
    Users can send Cupid (CBIT) directly to the lover you admire. You can send each other love whispers as a surprise. Let love be expressed at any time.
  • Love Declaration
    In this feature you can approve your feelings and give likes to the discussion
  • Secret Love Mode
    Realization of the School’s Beauty Face Value
    You can get knowledge about how to decorate yourself and relieve.
  • Love Seal
    With this feature you and your partner can establish love with your partner in CBIT


Cubit-bit love builds the meaning of love and feeling to be closer to the application of innovation. the distant one becomes close to the impossible one really releasing love arrows or direct gifts with a Cubit-bit Love and blockchain and therefore we become close.

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