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Cryptocurrency is a new form of digital currency, the most popular being Bitcoin. A currency is held in what is referred to as a digital wallet and identified by the wallet address. They can be used to purchase some goods and services , but also to “tip” others online — sending a few digital coins is a fun way to thank someone for a job well done, or simply to show that you appreciated a good joke or astute comment.

If you have been following banking, investing, or cryptocurrency over the last ten years, you may be familiar with “blockchain,” the record-keeping technology behind bitcoin. And there’s a good chance that it only makes so much sense. The blockchain maintains a list of records (blocks) that continues to grow, each containing a timestamp and a link to the previous one.

What Is Titan Coin ?

Titan Coin (TTN) is a new innovative payment currency which has been created with the primary aim of overcoming the limitations of many other coins out there. Besides enabling users to send/receive cryptocurrency at any time and anywhere, the main focus of Titan Coin (TTN) is on keeping digital payments secure, instant and completely transparent.

Titan Coin introduces a completely new blockchain technology that uses Hybrid POW (Proof of Work)& dynamic POS (Proof of Stake) SHA 256+ Groestl (Dual Algorithm) for its backbone of the transactions & a POS (proof of stake) system that pays 2.5 percent per year. Titan Coin uses a hybrid POW / POS to get started, then goes on to complete the proof of stake (pos sha256d algorithm) with a low energy consumption and rewards long-term users and blocks pos hash holders, your weight of the mines does not block the percentages.

Titan is a self-sustainable blockchain platform for creating and running new economic applications. Our community uses the Titan platform as a payment service, proof of data integrity and support structure for projects ranging from cloud computing to applications. As more and more users bring their talents and passion to the platform, Titan’s potential to promote innovation is growing exponentially.

Feature of Titan Coin

TITAN COIN is a new generation of cryptocurrency that uses the latest blockchain technology that focuses on secure and fast transactions. TTN is using the SHA256D algorithm of the main bitcoin source and are upgrading to safer and faster transactions.and here of key feature of Titan Coin :

    One of the things that set Titan Coin apart from other digital currencies is its next-gen blockchain technology. We have developed our own blockchain that employs a Hybrid POW and Dynamic POS structure, along with SHA256+ GROESTL (Dual Algorithm system) as a backbone for verifying and securing transactions.
    The Blockchain of Titan Coin (TTN) uses a hybrid PoS/PoW structure and rewards miners fairly. The hybrid consensus mechanism means less energy consumption while mining Titan Coin. Mining Titan Coin is more profitable, economical and eco-friendly than other crypto-currencies.Mining TTN Coin is more profitable, economical and eco-friendly than other internet currencies.
    Titan Coin (TTN) uses peer-to-peer blockchain technology to facilitate global digital transactions without any central authority or middleman, which not only reduces the cost of transactions but also improved the security. Titan Coin is a decentralized digital currency which cannot be controlled or managed by any single entity. The users of the Titan Coin are its true owners

What Advantage of Titan Coin ?

  • Faster to send money transfer and Safety
    Titan Coin is a next-gen digital currency that employs hybrid PoS/PoW along with advanced security mechanism (SHA256 + Groestl) to enable much faster & secure blockchain transaction with a block generation time of just 60 seconds. All your transactions using Titan Coin will be settled immediately.
  • Titan Coin have been listing on popular exchange
    Titan Coin is already listed on 8highly popular exchanges where it can be traded against top cryptocurrencies. The exchange list unfolds Crex24 , P2PB2B , Mercatox , SouthXchange , Coinexchange.io , Nova Exchange , Escodex , BTCNEXT, and ENMARKET .
  • Titan Coin Have Multiply Wallet
    Titan Coin also comes with a decentralized multicurrency wallet, which can be used to add, send or receive Titan Coins easily by users using the sender/receiver address. Titan Coin is freely available on all major platforms for download. The platforms include Android, Web, Windows, Linux, and iOS/MAC.


Titan Coin will be focus on keeping digital payments secure, instant and completely transparent.using own blockchain that employs a Hybrid POW and Dynamic POS structure.

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