How to buying a EDC token on the IDAX exchange

Hello Guys , Today i want to make article about how to buying a EDC token on the IDAX Exchange . IDAX (International Digital Asset Exchange) is a multi cryptocurrency exchange with its Servers Centers based in China. It offers BTC, ETH and USDT trading pairs.

In order to provide our users from around the world with a safe and convenient cryptocurrency exchange, IDAX boasts a impressive collection of high-quality blockchain assets.

IDAX has always been committed to the development of the most advanced security technology and security systems, and in 2019 launched a new upgraded security system “Prophet” to provide users with extreme security.IDAX’s being supported by Mongolian Chinggis Khaan Bank and Mongolian government.

IDAX support is 24H*365 days there to help you out with your problem. Except of the customer’s service and security protocol , the engine of platform also was updated this year. The new 3.0 engine’s matching speed now supports the highest level of 2 million transactions per second and makes full preparations for the open platform function of API transactions. The Market Push Speed now is 200% higher than the previous generation. Higher availability and fault tolerance of systems comparing with previous engine .IDAX team is always striving for the better of our users.

At coinmarketc edc blockchain has the second largest volume after yobit, I hereby recommend to buy lots or sell edc tokens on idax.

In the future I will tell you how to create an account and trade on Idax Exchange :

Register on idax exchange

  1. Go to and click ‘Sign Up’

2. Fill in the fields provided with your identity, I suggest you use a unique password so that your account is not easily hacked. Example for unique password ( Edcblockhain!23)

3. Verify your account by checking the email you used earlier and copy and paste the code into the available column.

4. After you verify your account, don’t forget to install Google Authenticator for security and SMS Authenticator , So that your account is not easily hacked by someone

5. You can log in on IDAX exchange and verification of personal data due to using idax exchange required to verify personal data on setting

6. After your account is verified you can already use your account for trading

Congratulations now you can use your IDAX exchange account

And the next tutorial is how to trade on IDAX Exchange and withdrawal EDC token on your personal wallet

  1. First click balance and choose which coin you want to choose, I will choose bitcoin.

2. After you send bitcoin to your Idax Exchange account address, you can check the deposit history in orders

3. After your bitcoin has been confirmed, you can trade EDC using bitcoin, you can check at

4. After you buy an EDC token using Bitcoin you can go directly to the withdrawal menu in balances> Exchange account and select withdrawal. And make sure you fill out the form as stated

congratulations you can buy and withdraw via IDAX exchange.

For further assistance, visit the EDC Official Telegram group

You can visit social media EDC Blockchain in below

Website |Facebook | Twitter | Telegram | Telegram 2 | Instagram | Linkedin | Announcement | Weiboo | Youtube |

Author : Jhonyjon
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