Result AMA Atomic Wallet with Cubiex Esports

Question 1 from @Changeisnow :

1. What solutions do Cubiex provide that no one thought till date? What is your vision?

Answer :

1. Cubiex is a next-generation tokenized social network for eSports & gaming enthusiasts, with the vision to connect gamers on a global basis in an ecosystem with features such as: Rewarded content creation, eSports & crypto league, P2P matchmaking, Livestreaming & virtual ingame items trading.

Question 2 from @cryptoroger1 :

Q1: Why did you change to the Binance Blockchain?

Answer :

1. Initially we planned to build on the Ethereum platform, but issues such as transactional speed and scalability had always been a critical point in our plans.

Question 3 from @JULIALIAMIGUELF

What do you predict CUBIEX ´s largest challenges will be in the future? How do you plan to address them?

Answer :

I believe the largest challenge will be user adoption and user growth in the early days of our anticipated platform launch. A strong core influencer marketing campaign will be necessary to show Cubiex to as many people as possible in order to create good converstion rates. The second challenge will be to boost crypto adoption with a smooth transition from traditional payment methods to pure crypto.

Question 4 from @Chadgoff :

+ Can you give us a brief elevator pitch on Cubiex and what you’re trying to achieve with the project?

Answer :

Our overall revenue model is based on three different earnings:

Question 5 from @Meminbirbiri :

Can you briefly explain what’s the top three milestones that your team aims to execute before the end of the year that will help Cubiex succeed?

Question 6 from @mirianmn :

If I give you 10 seconds, how would you explain to an older person like my grandmother or mother, why use cryptocurrencies, especially Cubiex?

Answer :

I’d explain it in a simple way: Its the fastest way to process payments on an international basis compaired to traditional payment methods. Anybody from anywhere in the world is able to send you some tokens in a matter of seconds.

Question 7 from @drhimanshudwivedi :

Q-) What are the significant role of your cubiex token in your gaming plateform?

Answer :

CBIX BEP2 tokens are utility tokens that grant users access to the CBIX Power points program. With Power points gamers can offchain use their power tokens for all different internal transactions such as donations to livestreamers, placing a stake in a P2P match or getting rewarded in CBIX Power for content creation.

Question 8 from @uatmoon :

How does the security mechanism work to ensure the platform only has an equal number of Power and ERC20 tokens?

Answer :

CBIX Power is simply the equivalent of CBIX BEP2 tokens. It cannot be minted or produced and therefore has the same max supply.

Question 9 from @drhimanshudwivedi :

Q-) How you are rewarding any content creator on your platform?

Answer :

We are focusing on different revenue models for the average gamer who uses our platform. If you are more of a traditional social media person that likes to post daily articles / photos / videos then the community decides through upvotes if it likes that content. Based on an internally developed algorithm we will reward gamers for their daily content creation on a weekly basis. Rewards are paid out in CBIX Power.

Question 10 from @drhimanshudwivedi

Q-) How you are targeting and developing in Asian market as per your roadmap design?

Answer :

Through our overall gaming advisory network we have deep roots into the asian market, especially into korea where we are focusing on launching our product within the near future. A lot of the work for our asian expansion will be based on local sponsorships with local teams and organizations as well as offline events.

Question 11 from @Georgian18 :

I like the thought process behind the dual-token system, do you have any plans or have you considered moving CBIX to another blockchain and doing everything on-chain with a single token in the future?

Answer :

No — we are focused 100 % on Binance Chain and its Blockchain, as it provides such a smooth and fast experience. With the integration into Atomic Wallet and other major wallets that are accepting BEP2 tokens we are confident to stay with Binance for a very long time, if not forever

Question 12 from @uatmoon :

I would like to know what problem you are trying to tackle in eSports at the moment.

Answer :

The main problem we are trying to solve is certainly social connectivity and incentivization for the average gamer at home. Simply the 400m strong gaming community is fragmented over x different platforms such as facebook, twitter, youtube, reddit, opskins, steam, discord etc.

Question 13 from @BNBlover45 :

What is your Monetary Policy? Inflationary?

Answer :

We have a max. supply of 150m CBIX tokens. They have all been minted and will be released according to our vesting schedule.

Question 14 from @DecentralizedMan

How does CubiexEsports plans to fund its development to keep moving forward, if the face a situation like fund crisis?

Answer :

We are not taking any volatility risks. We converted our funds directly into fiat to be on the safe side when it comes to covering development and marketing costs.

Question 15 from SB :

Somewhere I read Cubiex is like SteemIt, does this mean I can earn crypto for creating posts?

Answer :

That is correct. The CORE of our platform is a social media platform with personal profiles, where everybody can start creating content through posts, articles while getting rewarded in CBIX power if the community likes your content.

Question 16 from SB :

What part of your platform is actually based on ETH?

Answer :

None — the blockchain part of our platform is entirely build on Binance Chain.

Question 17 from @Georgian18 :

I wanna ask something regarding the matchmaking system and the betting stuff between players. Will I be able to challenge anyone or any team to a match?

Answer :

Yes — The matchmaking part will start with CSGO and you will be able to challenger other gamers either through a direct challenge or through a random challenge using the CryptoBattleChallenger. You’ll be able to place CBIX power against another gamer and then fight directly over the pricepool. Later in 2020 we plan to integrate this mode on a 5on5 teambasis as well, enabling every gamer / team to generate their own income with their own funds.

Question 18 from @uatmoon :

What are the next planned steps to increase adoption and awareness among people and more specifically among PUBG player ?

Answer :

Strong Coreinfluencer marketing campaign with several known influencers across the globe.

Question 19 from @BNBlover45

what is your plan for bringing on the other players in the ecosystem: the brands, influencers, tournament organizers, developers?

Answer :

We are strongly connected through our gaming advisory board with several brands, teams and organizations and have already started talks with several top names in the industry for deeper partnerships in the future. However at this stage the first and most important step will be to release our basic product in order to gain more quality partnerships.

Question 20 from @Shingchong

Do you have plans to spread CBIX ecosystem across other continents. if yes, what are the strategies and how can I as a community member contribute to making it possible?

Answer :

We do have plans to spread our platform across several continents yes, however 1 step at the time. Initially our basic product will be released in english version before expanding to south africa / asia.

Question 21 from @Nobita02

How do you see this working in practice. Will it be chat based like Discord?

Answer :

There will be an integrated Audio and Livechat within our social media platform. You can take a sneak peak at our MVP here:

Question 22 from @uatmoon :

What’s the core value proposition of the Cubiex Market that goes above and beyond current popular marketplaces?

Answer :

The core value proposition will be, that our skins and items will be exchangable within a greater core community using CBIX Power. While traditional marketplaces are more like a one-stop-shop and then users leave again, they stay engaged on our platform through the various other social media features and monetization options. Right now I cant go to any other market place and earn any tokens through any activities and then purchase my favourite skin. On Cubiex we are actually enabling gamers to first earn their rewards and then directly use them within the same ecosystem for their favourite digital goods.

Question 23 from @lovelymittal

As you are operating in a highly competitive sector of the market how do you plan to get ahead of your competitors ?

Answer :

Good things take their time — meaning the initial step will be to get our basic product out and then launching it through a strong marketing camapign. We dont want to be as audacious and claiming we are going to outrace other long-term well estanlished companies in the space. However we are confident enough to say that we believe that we have touched some of the core feelings of many gamers who’s desire is to have more options and more services that are really tailored to their needs. By the end of the day Cubiex was built from Gamers for Gamers. Adoption and success will take its time and it won’t be easy, but we are confident to attract a strong core audience of users.

Question 24 from @Rocky_R4

◆What is CryptoBattleChallenger ?

Answer :

The CryptoBattleChallenger will engable Gamers in CSGO for example to challenge other gamers directly by placing tokens against them, and then playing for the pricepool. You can almost call it microtournaments. The idea behind the CryptoBattleChallenger is this: Currently there are only a few teams really generating an income through their skill, but there are millions of amateur gamers who also want to somehow earn through their skill, with a realiable third party chat secures them from cheating with good anti cheat software, kyc levels of verification and trustable matchmakings.

Question 25 from SB :

Can you describe what the platform does and why it needs blockchain and a token?

Answer :

Blockchain technology and virtual currencies in general are currently very popular and they allow companies from their early startup days up to maturity to expand their business on a global scale with incredible speed and security.

Question 26 from @uatmoon

When you left banking and went back to focus on eSports/gaming, were you aware of blockchain? Or was it that you stumbled on it after going back to pursue the gaming and eSports industry?

Answer :

To be honest compaired to many others I found out quite “late” about blockchain technology, tokens, ICOs and all that stuff surrounding it. Once I found out about I realized that we are able to build this platform with the suppot and help from the community who is also very much into eSports and gaming. The economical advantages compaired to the traditional capital markets are pretty clear.

Question 27 from @BNBlover45

What is CBIX and what was the reason behind starting this project?

Answer :

The reason behind this project certainly lies in my own personal gaming career. I started like in 1999 playing Counter-Strike and witness the whole development of gaming and esports in Germany but also internationally. It took mysself almost 10 years on an amateur level to start earning a little income here and there through my passion, but at some point I had to get a real job and simply didnt have enough time anymore to persue my passion. Also in the early days and even today its still very hard to find similar minded gamers so I decided to start building Cubiex. 😊

Question 28 from @Nobita02 :

What’s the use case for the ERC20 tokens, apart from granting access to the loyalty points?
Why do you need blockchain then, if the platform is offchain?

Answer :

A lot depends on regulatory subjects, since we are based in Germany. Generally blockchain technology provides many advantages for startup businesses, especially in the gaming and eSports sectors, where participants are used to virtual currencies for many years already. Creating your own ecosystem independently from traditional payment methods and having it accepted through the community using your platform does give every startup a very powerful position when it comes to user adoption.

Question 29 from @cryptojai :

Can you briefly explain how the Top 3 milestones that the Cubiex team aims to execute before the end of this year will help them succeed and What Cubiex may look like in 2020 and beyond?

Answer :

Initially we plan to release our social network and livestreaming application this year, which is milestone No 1. Milestone 2 will be user adoption and a succesfull market entry while milestone 3 is to expand our business on a more global scale while complying with regulation at the same time.

Question 30 from @uatmoon

How will you sustain the project into the future and coming years ahead as you push for adoption of the platform?

Answer :

Deposit transactional fees, rake from matchmakings, premium accounts, add revenue.

Question 31 from @uatmoon

Can we expect to be able to connect to any game in the future for the P2P matchmaking?

Answer :

I’d say “any” game would be a bit over confident, as there are hundreds of thousands of games in the world, all with different technology behind them. In the early stages we will focus on CSGO, later on Fortnite, PUBG and LoL.

Question 32 from SB

How do you feel about the future of the industry? Do you think mobile gaming is the future for regular gamers, and do you think that eSports has a future of strong growth ahead?

Answer :

I believe desktop gaming and competitive desktop gaming will still be the most importang part of this industry. Yes there are like 2.2b gamers in general in the world, but the egoshooter side of things or teammatches still happen within the 400m strong community. It simply does require a lot of CPU power, graphics, screens etc.

Question 33 from @uatmoon :

How optimistic are you of the future use-case of the CBIX compared to when you started it?

Answer :

I am very confident about it — since we started 1 year ago and I am still the same about it. However people also need to be realistic. Every financial innovation in terms of payments does take years to be adopted, unless you have such a great product, that people will accept anything that you present to them. Just the transition from cash to cards took years, then from cash to cards to online banking took many more years. It will be the same with cryptocurrencies. The point will be, which companies will survive these “building” times in the long run?

Question 34 from @Nobita02 :

When you look back to the day you guys started developing CBIX, Are you happy & satisfied with the progress you all have made?

Answer :

Very much! It basically all started with an idea, starting to write stuff down on paper, doing the first design mockups and it actually took us many months just until we had the platform designed visually before entering into the coding stage. So far I can say the whole team is very proud of what we have achieved, completing our fundraising campaign in July 2019 and now focusing strongly on #building and more partnerships to strengthen our place in the crypto and gaming space.

Question 35 from @satishgmr :

What is that one unique thing about your project that makes you different from other projects?

Answer :

I’d say the social networking part of our platform. Cubiex has been built as a core social media platform with additional features around its ecosystem. Even if you take away all the keyfeatures Cubiex will idealwise still be the go-to-place when it comes to connecting with other gaming enthusiasts and sharing content.

Twitter question 1 from @Mr_rick007 :

If your project fail in your roadmap or whitepaper, what should you do it for make it right? #AMA Cubiex Esports

Answer :

Generally there are always risks associated with any business that you launch. There might be competitors coming up, regulatory changes, all these factors have to be counted into consideration when it comes to building a platform like ours and adjusting and according to the market. Currently our burnrate is pretty low and development is continuing, so we are confident in launching within the next weeks our basic product to get things started and take them from there. The traditional side of capital raising might be an interesting part to expand and acclerate our business. We will look into that later this year.

Twitter Question 2 from @_DressedToKill1 :

As a huge fan of esports, what esport games would you plan to support first @CubiexEsports and same question applied for streamers and platforms. Thank you in advance for your kind reply!

Answer :

We will start with Counter-Strike Global Offensive for the CryptoBattleChallenger.

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