Tachyon Protocol : Decentralized Internet Stack Based On Blockchain

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Decentralize Internet have gained enormous popularity due to many factors. Two important ones among those are the features of privacy and anonymity that internet networks offer which allow a user to keep their identities as well as their transactions concealed. Amid mounting concerns about data privacy, the world of internet is also becoming worried about threats to user privacy.

If there’s one thing the Internet lacks, it’s privacy. With almost half of the world’s population online and over 1.5 billion websites to interact with, the sheer volume of information available brings into question the way this data is managed and distributed. Due to important privacy and anonymity on internet, I want introduce you about Tachyon Protocol.

What is Tachyon Protocol ?

Tachyon Protocol is a decentralized internet protocol built on the V SYSTEMS blockchain that aims to create a Libre, Security, Privacy Internet and Combining decentralization and encryption techniques. Tachyon Protocol also collaborative project between two existing platforms. One is X-VPN, the popular VPN service provider that boasts over 50 million users, while the other is V SYSTEMS, a blockchain solution offering developers a platform to launch their Dapps. Together, these two companies have analyzed the failings of the current VPN and internet architecture, and they have come up with an idea that could win the prize.

Tachyon believes that a complete overhaul of the internet protocol is due. Therefore, they intend to replace it with a new one that promises faster speed, reliable security, flexibility, and privacy. For this purpose, startups have come up with alternative protocols that will produce the right ecosystem to build a decentralized VPN.

Note that the existing TCP / IP internet protocol packets, widely used by VPN providers, consist of the internet layer, the transport layer, the data link layer, and the application layer. As for the Tachyon protocol, some adhere to the layering found in TCP / IP, albeit with two or more tweaks that will provide more threat maneuvering capacity.

Tachyon Protocol Technology

The Tachyon Protocol is an open-source decentralized network stack combining decentralization and encryption techniques to provide a self-sufficient internet environment with high security, untraceability, availability, and maximum network speed.

Source by : Tachyon Protocol

The Tachyon Protocol based on three main components: Tachyon Booster (UDP), Tachyon Security Protocol, and Anti-Analysis.

Tachyon Booster (UDP)

Source by : Tachyon Protocol

Tachyon booster (UDP) is reconstructs of the Internet, Transport, and Application Layers of the TCP/IP protocol by using proven technologies such as Point-to-Point Protocol on IP network layer, Distributed Hash Table, User Datagram Protocol, and blockchain. Tachyon claims is capable TBU, the transport layer that implements blockchain technology, DHT, and UDP, is 200% to 1000% faster than conventional protocol suites. It enables a 90% connection rate on a weak network with 95% stability, regardless of how complex the network environment based on X-VPN experimental data.

  • Application Layer — is responsible for defining the data format and interpreting the data according to the corresponding format. this layer takes the concept of PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) to build PPPoIP on IP Network layer, with complete topology, provide end-to-end connection in the fully connected network.
  • Transport Layer — is responsible for process-to-process delivery of the entire message. UDP offers superior throughput and has less overhead to improve transmission efficiency.
  • Internet Layer — selects nodes and establishes connections in decentralized, robustness and stable way. It takes the concept of Point-to-Point Protocol to build PPPoIP on IP network layer.
  • Data Link Layer — includes physical sublayer and logical sublayer.

Tachyon Security Protocol (TSP)

Source by : Tachyon Protocol

Tachyon Security Protocol (TSP) is a security component of the Tachyon Protocol. TSP presents end-to-end asymmetric protocol encryption and simulation schemes. The first is used to prevent network sniffing and main attacks in the middle. The latter plays an important role in preventing attacks, avoiding firewalls, and filtering. Tachyon Security Protocol offers ECDHE-ECDSA end-to-end encryption simulation to protect the personal data of users. It is to inputs random data to hide the content of messages from prying eyes. Similarly, this protocol executes some of blockchain’s security features, like the use of public and private keys for decrypting information.

Tachyon Anti-Analysis (TAA)

Source by : Tachyon Protocol

TAA is responsible for ensuring that data transmission happens in such a manner which makes it almost impossible for a potential hacker to track the network communication or access the transmitted message in its entirety. This is achieved through 2 mechanisms — Concurrent Multi-path Routing Scheme and Multi-Relay Forwarding Scheme. The feature of TAA also preserves the anonymity of users by introducing multi-path routing. This is another way of saying that a piece of information is segregated into different IP packets and then sent in multiple paths. It also implements multi-relay forwarding to circumvent man-in-the-middle attacks.


Tachyon Protocol is a new decentralized Internet protocol that uses DHT, blockchain, UDP, and encryption technologies to ensure a stable, fast, reliable, transparent and secure Internet environment.

After carefully reading Tachyon’s network functions, it’s clear that startup has done very well in embedding different security features for potential users. However, I can’t help but wonder how much technical prowess of a project of this size, and whether Tachyon can only rely on X-VPN and V SYSTEMS expertise to succeed. Both are relatively new in their respective markets, and will require a lot of ingenuity on their part to go alongside established companies.

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